Learn the music theory in a fast, new and innovative way. We guarantee you, in just a few hours, you will be able to know all the basic music chords. Practicing simple exercises will uncover the secrets of hit music arrangements. Next time you will see a keyboard you will know exactly which note is which and how to build up harmonies structures. Train your ears to really comprehend music.


We cannot insist enough on this topic. In order to learn you need to practise. Our courses are 90% based on this. We will compose, edit, arrange, record voices and instruments, mix and master music together. That is the only way we learn, by doing. The key factor to a good production is also in our opinion the ability to work in a team. And this is exactly what we try to create: a team that can deliver very good productions.


We will present you the main choices you have to get the best possible results. Which daw to use, which sound card, mics, monitors, which virtual instruments or real gears to use. We will show you the real options you have, depending on different budgets. Protools vs Logic Pro, Studio one vs Cubase … with us you will have the possibility to test all and make your own decisions.


We will teach you some tricks of modern music recordings. How to capture the best sound of a guitar, the basic of drums recording and triggering and most important vocals. To be able to record the best vocals possible it is the most important fact in a production. To be able to make the vocalist give 200% it is an art.

We will also teach you the basic of vocal pitching and correction. How to setup the perfect channel strip and which kinda mic fits different types of vocalists.


Nowadays due to the digital era, mixing and mastering became more and more affordable and in handy for anyone to do. But all this is an illusion. To get the best result you still need to learn a lot of things about equing and compressing and stereo imaging and so on. From general discussions about it we will go further in details and present you some techniques that we developed over the years. We will do practising hours in able to get you used to hear the music as a sound engineer.


There is a path some people chose to take, and that is to be an independent artist. What it means to be independent and what are the benefits and the disadvantages ? We will talk about it in our courses. We can show you how to open up your own label, how to send a demo and what you expect when you do this ? How you have to approach established artists or producers ? How to setup up your own brand ? Our dream is to become a platform for independent artists where they can express themselves with no restrictions.